An African-owned Agri-Business and Investment Company

Grosso Foods is a new era African-owned agri-business and investment company. Our intention is to lead the complete value chain from farm to fridge with a focus on providing proteinrich healthy foods. Our ambition is to ensure that out of three daily meals, the Grosso brand will supply at least one. With over 30 years of combined experience, a flexible client-focused platform, and a technology-based approach, Grosso is the perfectly poised to drive African agribusinesses to prosperity in this new era.

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We have an integrity and always to do the right thing. We say what we mean and stand by our word. We expect the same in our clients and our employees.

We are honest and transparent in our all of our dealings.

We believe in a brighter, more sustainable future for Africa. Our commitment to this central belief informs and is affirmed by the way we deal with clients and each other.

We are not afraid to act and we know when to push the envelope. We have big goals are prepared to do what it takes to achieve them.


Nuradin Osman
Founder and CEO - Grosso Foods B.V.

Nuradin Osman is the Founder and CEO of Grosso Foods B.V., a new era Africa-focused agribusiness investor. Grosso Foods, with a clear and practical vision for championing progressive African agriculture from the farm to the fridge, blends over 30 years combined experience across the agribusiness value chain with a flexible client-focused and technology-based approach to drive African agribusinesses to prosperity in a new era of growing opportunity. Born in Somalia and raised in Holland, Nuradin’s agri-business experience was honed in global senior leadership roles at AGCO Corporation, a global $10 billion revenue agricultural equipment manufacturer. Nuradin has used his experience and position to spur his vision for the development of Africa and to pioneer initiatives aimed at agricultural and food security and self-sufficiency. In 2019 Nuradin was honoured as the top global leader for diversity and inclusion.

Nuradin Osman


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