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As an Africa-focused agribusiness with over 30 years combined experience in all aspects of the business across the value-chain, we are ready to lead the African agricultural revolution through sustainable localised solutions, and put healthy food in the fridge sourced no more than 200 kms from local farms. Our approach is technology-based, partner-focussed and flexible. If you’re ready to grow with us, we are ready to provide the investment and expertise to drive African agribusiness to prosperity in this new era of growing opportunity.

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Africa First

Grosso Foods is a new era African-owned agri-business and investment company...


We have an integrity and always to do the right thing. We say what we mean and stand by our word...


Nuradin Osman is the Founder and CEO of Grosso Foods B.V., a new era Africa-focused agribusiness investor...

Our Response

Progressive African Agriculture, from the farm to the fridge

We recognise that Africa can feed itself with the potential for exponential growth driven by an ever-increasing demand for food, and backed by untapped human resources and the world’s fastest-growing economies. Local African-owned agribusiness is destined to become one of the largest and fastest-growing sectors for investors, agricultural specialists, local entrepreneurs and communities.



7 September 2020

A new era in African Agri-Business

In this new era of growing African agribusiness opportunities, a breakthrough in agriculture can change global food systems and drive African prosperity. Today, in a virtual launch to media, Grosso Foods Group, was announced as a new entrant in African agri-business sector with the vision to accelerate agribusiness growth and investments in Africa geared towards boosting food security, economic growth, and climate smart investment. Grosso Foods Group is founded by its CEO Nuradin Osman who has an extensive global background in agriculture.

14 August 2020

Taking African agriculture to the next level

Nuradin Osman, a Somali entrepreneur who knows first-hand what famine means, is determined to accelerate a new era in African agriculture, offering profitable agribusiness investment and solutions to address existing gaps in African agriculture and eradicating extreme poverty across the continent. He spoke to African Business about his new ventures...


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